President's Message

From the Grand Poobah...

Dear Wharton Follies Alumni,

Remember all the friends you made as a participant in your "Wharton Follies" productions? OK, so you don't have any friends. Well you can pretend with this Club! Whether you remain in touch or have lost contact with each other, the Wharton Follies Alumni Club (WFAC) is here to give you the opportunity to continue those friendships or get reacquainted or stalk someone you can call a friend.

Please take advantage of all this club has to offer!!  Basically nothing...except a way for you to keep your creative output alive.  Look over the website and check out the various links that show what your Folliesmates are doing...and add your own stuff.  Also, get in touch with the Regional Poobahs (see Officers & Directors page) so you can get involved in local activities.

If you want to get more information or volunter to assist, please give me a "holler"! If you have any great ideas for the club, keep them to yourself...we only want mediocre ideas :)

Yours truly,

HRH Joel Serebransky ('85)