Member Benefits

Would you join a club that would have you as a member?

Membership has its privileges...we just don't know what those are yet!  But noting that you are a member of this exclusive club on your resume will make sure all doors of opportunity are slammed firmly in your face.  But then you can come back to the website for relief and to vent!  

Of course, anyone who has been involved in any Wharton Follies production is automatically a member, whether they like it or not! But you need to log in to be able to access the creative features of the site, such as adding a video you have done, posting a joke or cartoon, getting publicity for any appearances, access to the membership directory and job postings, etc.

Another benefit - - backstage passes at the Follies Shows to meet the stars if you are deemed worthy of this honor! 

So don't wait another minute (or the length of time for a scene change) - - sign in now and start enjoying all of these wonderful bennies!!