Club FAQ

What are the objectives of the club?

The Objectives of the Wharton Follies Alumni Club are to:

  • continue our irreverance for authority
  • provide a creative outlet for those who were in Follies by creating and acting in funny content for this website
  • provide an ongoing forum for Wharton Follies Alumni to socially interact through regional and national events (and eventually international events)
  • foster continued "connectedness" to the Wharton "experience" among alumni (OK, they made us say this one)
  • improve alumni outreach on behalf of the School
  • provide continued support to on-campus Follies productions via advisory role if needed (i.e. be a sounding board as show is being put together) and helping to provide financial support (via sponsorships and eventually a Follies Endowment Fund)

Who can join?

The club is open to all MBA alumni who were involved in any production of The Wharton Follies as well as any current Follies production participants. This “population” includes, but is not limited to, cast, crew, orchestra, writers, production staff, and business staff. If you were ever listed in a program as having helped with a Follies production, you are automatically a member!  

Why should I join?

Why not - - it is currently free!   And you get to enjoy all the benefits shown in the Member Benefits section.  Besides, we need your creative content to make the website fun.

How many regional chapters currently exist?

We have Regional Poobahs in NY, San Francisco, Philadelphia, LA & Chicago who will help organize local events. But we need more Poobahs in other locations & volunteers to help the Regional Poobahs...the pay sucks but the benefits are fantastic. So let us know if you are interested. 

How do I join?

If your name shows up in any Follies program as having worked on a show in any capacity, you are a member. You just need to log into this website. 

Is there a cost to join?

There is currently no cost to join though donations to cover expenses to keep the website up-and-running are greatly appreciated. Local events will have a cost.

How do I help start up a new regional chapter?

Just contact any of the officers and directors and they'll be happy to assist. 

How do I or my company become a Club sponsor?

Please call anyone listed on the Contact Us page for information on how you can reach the thousands of Wharton Follies Alumni around the world through special sponsorship placement on this website or at events.