About the Club

The Wharton Follies Alumni Club


For current student and alumni participants of the Wharton Follies, one of the highlights...alright, the ONLY highlight... of our MBA experience was being involved in the Follies production itself.  It was, for many, the main “cohort” system where lasting friendships were forged. The Wharton Follies Alumni Club (WFAC) was founded with the objectve of creating a means to keep the Follies spirit alive after we graduate.  

Not only do we want to use it as a way to stay connected, but we encourage you to use it as a creative outlet by coming up with your own Follies-like business spoofs that we can post here and on our own Wharton Follies Alumni Club youtube channel. It can be a video that you wrote, directed and/or starred in. It can be a cartoon. It can be a written joke or just a general discussion posted on the Forum.  The only thing we ask is that it be in the spirit of the Follies - - a biting satire of the business world or b-school...but without the long scene changes!! (See Forum post about joining a group or start your own group.)

And for those of you still writing and/or performing in any capacity,  share your stuff with us -- we'll promote it on our website!!

We encourage you to have local gatherings and events that we can advertise on the website. Just contact one of the Regional Poobahs with your ideas (see Officers and Board page).  We also need more Regional Poobahs in other locales so don't be shy!

We look forward to continuing our obligation as Follies Folks to keep the business world on its toes!